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Discovered makes it easy to use your dollars for good.

For every handmade & unique item you buy on Discovered, all proceeds are donated to the Discovered Foundation. 

the world's best artisans

All handmade jewelry is crafted with love 
and has their own unique story to tell.

unique handmade jewelry 

Discover handmade & unique goods 
crafted by the best artisans from the world.

positive change

With each purchase you support an artisan in earning a fair income for their families.

Discovered Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created with the goal of reducing poverty and encouraging self-reliance for people at the base of the pyramid with a special focus on women. Discovered Foundation aims to encourage entrepreneurship in developing countries and help create direct access to worldwide consumer markets for these entrepreneurs. 

About us.

We feel that entrepreneurship and doing business is the most sustainable way to reach a higher income. Our hopes is that we enable these entrepreneurs to escape poverty, take control of their lives, and restore pride in themselves. Within this broad theme, Discovered Foundation will focus especially, but not exclusively, on female entrepreneurs so that they can be role models to a new generation of young women and girls shaping their future.

Instantly discover hundreds of creative artisans in emerging countries and buy their handmade & unique goods directly from them. 

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What if you could make the world a better place with every purchase?

About the Foundation

Each day, American consumers spend more than $350 billion shopping. This equals the total funds raised by all U.S. charities in an entire year. If even a fraction of these dollars also reduced poverty and created a better world, the impact would be enormous.

Your dollars are the world's most powerful force for change.

Feel good about what you buy.

We work hard to discover the world’s most incredible creative artisans so they can use business as a force for goods and you can become a more empowered consumer. By shopping Discovered, you generate additional income for the makers and can feel good about what your purchase is supporting. And for every purchase, all proceeds are donated to the Discovered Foundation, so we can run more projects supporting our mission.

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